Who I am


My name is Rebecca, and I'm a speech language pathologist (SLP) in Washington state. I graduated with a masters degree in communication disorders from Eastern Washington University. Since then, I have worked in schools implementing services for bilingual and monolingual children from the ages of preK-5th grade.

"What is an SLP?" you may ask. We are individuals trained in language acquisition, development, and disorders. We also work in pretty much any area that ties to the speech tract (swallowing, voice disorders, cleft palate, laryngeal cancers, etc.) Our job is to:

-raise community awareness of communication disorders and red flags for disorders
- identify individuals with communication difficulties through referrals and screening
- consult with parents, teachers, and additional professionals
- assess communication abilities and diagnose speech and language disorders - provide individualized therapy programs
- monitor progress through reassessments
- make recommendations for educational programs
- make referrals for additional services

Prior to working as a SLP, I was a speech tutor, meaning that I helped several SLPs create materials, translate meetings and therapy, and even gave therapy that was directed by the clinician. Doing this stuck my foot in the door of the world of speech pathology and I haven't glanced backward.

My main interests in the field of speech language pathology are in bilingual/bicultural issues and early intervention.

I speak fluent Spanish and strive to build the amount of information available to Spanish-speakers in the field of speech pathology, as well as aid therapists with bilingual treatment tools.

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