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I have a major sweet tooth, which might be why I just can't resist making gingerbread and candy related graphics. I was feeling generous and in the spirit of the season, decided to create a free game board, which is posted below. Check out the large size available for download here.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. With my new graphics skills, I whipped out a complete game to share. Because of the effort and the fact it's a whole game, it does cost to download. However, because I did not add language targets to the game, it's open ended for each therapist to use as they need - any speech or language target can be used! (And cheap - 99 cents!)

I created two versions, one with more graphics and one that provides a clearer space for writing. The 'empty' cards still have movement amounts written on them as well as a broken candy cane on the 'lose a turn' cards. The cards were designed to be laminated and written on with a dry erase marker so the game can be used over and over again with different targets each time.

The cards also come in two sizes, to suit different needs for therapy goals. Both sizes are available in both versions. For additional movement/target cards, simply print off extra copies of the card pages.


To find out more information about the version with candy graphics, click here.

Interested instead in the version with less graphics? Check it out here.

The basis of the game is to hurry back home with Ginger and George Gingerbread, who rode off on candy canes. Each player moves a candy cane around the board. Like many games, if you land on a spot with a bridge, follow it across. But be careful not to break the candy cane!

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