Wishful Wednesday

When I look around the speech therapy world, I'm constantly amazed at the plethora of ideas and materials out there. My favorite blogs sometimes feature materials that look amazing, but I can't necessarily use due to the current make up of my caseload, or the age groups I serve. (Or materials I just have to wait on due to my current spending.)

I have also shared buildings on several assignments, which can be both a blessing and a curse. I currently share a room with two other slps at my preschool placement, but besides the fact that I have to borrow "empty" classrooms for therapy, I love sharing the office space. My coworkers have some great materials that I haven't seen before and use therapy strategies I haven't employed yet.

This brings me to today's topic. I'm starting a series called Wishful Wednesday featuring materials I'm wishing for, or resources for my therapy room that I'd love to have but don't yet due to some reason.


I want to start today with what started it all: Jenna Rayburn's Whack A Sound, which my coworker has an entire binder dedicated to. I drooled over it all day yesterday after I noticed it on her shelf. I've seen it in the past on Jenna's blog, but haven't gotten around to purchasing it. When I switched my placement in March, though, I picked up a bunch of articulation students. Now I have the perfect reason to buy it! Jenna has a whole bunch of targets in various groupings, and honestly, I want them all.

I love the free version of it I've downloaded from Jenna.


Another item I want to purchase is Sublime Speech's S!zzle! Categories Edition. It's her latest activity, and looks great! As most of my caseload at this point is preschool and early elementary, though, I think it's a bit harder than most of my kids can handle. Most of them still need visual supports for categorizing. It still looks like a great game, and it's definitely ending up in my wish list. I can think of some kids I started out the year with who would have loved it!

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