Valentines Story Comprehension

Inferencing. Predicting. Answering "wh" questions. Increase vocabulary.

Do any of these sound like goals on your caseload? My caseload is overrun with these types of goals.

Unfortunately, story comprehension materials seem to be few and far between. I've created some in the past, such as my Winter Language Comprehension Packet, Winter Story Comprehension Worksheets, and Christmas Listening Comprehension, but I need more!

So, what's coming next? Valentine's Day! Introducing Valentines Story Comprehension. This packet is set up like the Winter Language Comprehension Packet, with the same goals and layout.

Since Valentine's Day comes up quick after the holidays, this packet is a bit smaller than previous story comprehension packets. There are three decks in the Valentine's Day version: Deck 1 targets "wh" questions. Deck 2 targets context clues, yes/no questions, and vocabulary. Deck three is for inferencing and predicting.

There are three stories per deck, for a total of 9 stories. Each deck contains one story on a large card, and smaller cards with comprehension questions to accompany the story. If the stories are too long, they can be split up into smaller lengths between using the question cards.

A way to use these stories is to read the selected story to your students. Then, either read the stories off the cards for students to answer, or lay the cards face down on the table and have students select a card. After reading the card, students answer the question and then take a turn playing a game (if using a reinforcement game), or after answering the question, the next student takes a turn pulling a card.

There is also an open-ended game board where students use player pieces and a die to cross from the start to finish by "walking" on hearts. The game board can be used with any language target, simply have students answer questions (regarding the story, or for a different target) before rolling the die and moving around the board.

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