Leprechaun Directions

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This is a multi-use following directions deck. Create directions that students typically hear in their classrooms with these cards.

As students advance from simple 1-step directions, these cards grow with them. Modifier, conditional, and temporal cards aid in creating progressively more complex directions.

Directions begin with 1-step and end with 3-step including modifiers. Boards are included to construct and deconstruct directions to aid in teaching concepts behind directions.

Blank cards to create your own directions/modifiers/temporal concepts are included.

This packet includes: 36 direction cards 16 modifier cards 16 conditional cards Blank cards to create your own Direction boards for 2-3 steps with and without modifiers Boards for "before/after" concepts Temporal and conditional words to modify direction boards

Ideas for use:

  1. Have students select a card and follow the direction for simple 1-step directions. Add on appropriate modifiers to the selected card for more of a challenge.
  2. Have students select 2 or 3 cards and use with Before/After/First/Then boards to create directions. Conditional directions can also be created on these boards. After the direction has been made (with or without modifiers added), students complete the direction.
  3. Have students create directions for their peers. After creating directions on their boards, students read them to each other. Then, the student giving the directions decides whether or not their peer(s) correctly followed the directions.
  4. The clinician creates the directions using the direction boards and students have to correctly complete each step.

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Price: $2.50

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