Moo Quack What Was That Activities

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This is a packet of group circle activities that can be used in conjunction with the preschool book Moo, Quack, What Was That? or any farm unit. These activities and worksheets can be used as follow-up activities to the book, and the worksheets can be used as centers or sent home as homework.

This packet contains enough activities to integrate into a preschool group circle 1-2 times per week for a month. Activities can also be modified for additional use during a farm theme.

Language targets for this book/packet are:
Animal to sound associations
question formulation
concept: big/small

Activity1: pages 2-5 Animal-Sound Picture Barn
Activity 2: pages 6-8 Following Directions/Basic Concepts Barn Picture
Activity 3: pages 9, 11-15 Barn Board
Activity 4: pages 10-15 Barn Box
Activity 5: pages 16-20 Worksheets
Story Props: pages 21-37

Images come in color as well as black and white for story props and pre-done activities that do not require children to color, to suit your printing needs.

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Price: $4.75

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