Spanish Card Decks Volume 1

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This packet includes four card decks to target multiple language skills for Spanish-speakers. In order to be used with elementary school students of varying ages and ability levels, each deck contains easier and more difficult cards. Additional blank cards are provided in order to customize decks and create your own pairs.

Answers are provided for each item in this packet.

Skills targeted in this volume are:
Synonyms - (57 pairs for a total of 114 cards) two synonyms are provided, additional answers are provided on answer key
Antonyms - (56 pairs for a total of 112 cards) two opposites are provided on cards
Analogies - (48 cards) an analogy is presented with the answers on the answer key
Associations - (24 pairs for a total of 48 cards) both halves of the associations are provided on cards within the deck

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Price: $4.75

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