Spring Into Preschool Language Packet

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A spring unit for language development, this packet focuses on preschool (and early elementary) skills with fun, age appropriate graphics.

This packet targets:
(12 cards & activity)
“Wh” questions
(12 of each type of question)
(24 cards)
(36 cards)
*Basic Concepts (many are opposites)
(36 cards)
(12 categories, 3 members each)

*Employs mainly pictures instead of words

Cut out the animals and the preposition background pictures. Then, have students practice placing the animals in the pictures by matching the preposition on the card, or where the therapist instructs. Or, have the students place the animals in the pictures and then explain to the clinician where they are. Students can check their answers against the preposition cards!

"Wh" questions
Practice answering age appropriate questions with these cards - each page contains 12 cards of the specified type of questions. Pictures are not included in this section and questions need to be read to students.

For receptive associations, read the question and have students point to the answer out of the two choices on the card. For expressive associations, ask students the question without showing them the answer choices.

Use these cards to practice functions. Visual cues are not given and questions need to be read. Use with any game!

Basic Concepts For receptive language, lay out cards on table and have students identify which card demonstrates the concept. For expressive language, place cards upside down on a table and have students turn cards over one at a time. When turned over, have students identify the concept. (Many of these cards can be used to teach opposites as well.)

Cut out and mix up the category member cards on the table. Have students identify three items that belong together. If help is needed, provide them with a category label and have them place the category members with the label. If not provided with a category label, have students name the categories. For additional practice, have students name another item that belongs in the category.

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Price: $6.00

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